Forestpin Analyses

Forestpin consists of a number of analytics. Each one is a unique combination of complex computations and visualizations designed with emphasis on irregularities, fraud, interaction and collaboration.

Benford's Law

Find irregularities in your data sets more easily using Benford's Law. Used to study large sets of naturally occurring values that fits a logarithmic curve.


Correlation test checks if transactions of a vendor has a similar pattern compared to transactions of other vendors. See how their similarity ranks on a scale of -1 to +1.


Timeseries graph compares actual transactions in the past to find patterns for each vendor, and highlights those who have deviated from the predictions.

Calendar View

Get an insight on the distribution of transactions over time. Color intensity levels give a clear idea about the extent and value of transactions on each day of each month.

Duplicate Analysis

Duplicates analysis identifies possible duplicated transactions in the financial dataset. With the interface and responsiveness of Forestpin Enterprise, you can scrutinize them without the hassle.


Easy Filtering

Filter data in a few clicks. No more complex, confusing queries.


Collaborate with your team, point out your observations and get their opinion.


Pull data from your existing ERP or finance system, so you don't have to worry about any implications.


Get an insight to your data in a glance with our carefully designed dashboard.


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