Run advanced Forensic Analyses on your data in just a few clicks or taps.

When you have to find a needle in a haystack it helps to have a hyper-sensitive metal detector.

With Forestpin, running powerful analytics on your data is just a few taps away. Be it on your PC, laptop, iPad or Android, you can stop worrying about database querying and start visualizing your data.

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Analyse your data using our STATE-OF-THE-ART DASHBOARD

Forestpin Dashboard is designed with one thing in mind. The user.

Does your software vendor expect you to write something like this?
And still call yourself an auditor.

SELECT t1.SlpCode, t1.DocNo, t1.DocDate, t2.DocNo FROM Invoice AS t1 LEFT JOIN (SELECT a.SlpCode, a.DocNo, a.DocDate FROM Invoice AS a INNER JOIN (SELECT SlpCode, MAX(DocDate) AS MaxDate FROM Invoice GROUP BY SlpCode) AS b ON (a.DocDate = b.MaxDate) AND (a.SlpCode = b.SlpCode)) AS t2 ON t1.DocNo = t2.DocNo WHERE t2.DocNo IS NULL;

Forestpin does not require you to write a bunch of queries to retrieve or filter data. You can filter, retrieve, and run advance analyses in a just few clicks. We, at Forestpin believe that Technical knowledge shouldn't come between you and results.

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How long does it take to analyse millions of records? Seconds.

Forestpin takes advantage of new hardware technologies such as 64-bit computing and cheap memory, to run all analytics keeping the data in memory. This is what lets Forestpin do complex computations over millions of transactions within a matter of seconds.