Mitigate Operational Risk

with outlier detection and intelligent alerts

Forestpin automatically highlights what’s hidden in your data supporting users see insights which would be missed with query-based tools. Even better, say goodbye to queries entirely and get actionable insights in a few clicks. Visualize your data and visually navigate to individual transactions. Don’t have enough time to go through all the data? Forestpin can run in the background and send automatic alerts about risky or suspicious transactions (with time it gets better at spotting outliers so bye-bye false alerts)
Data analytics for everyone

Simplified data input and augmented data analytics in Forestpin Analytics helps you get actionalble insights without spesialized data scientists. Visualize your data in customizable dashboards inspired by Edward Tufte*

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Focus on whats important

Monitor transactions in the background and get notified of suspisous activitiy. With machine learning risk alerts just get better with time. Risk reports include a full audit trail of what trasnpires.

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